War and peace-the preamble

First of all I must say that the main purpose of this blog category is to express the personal or collective opinion of the A.E.N.C. members regarding education and nature in general, with their diverse aspects and “variations”.

There are many disputes that appear almost daily, due to the selfish desire for attention some people have. Our intention is to detach us from this phenomenon, but at the same time, to take attitude when the situation starts to be “out of control”.

Because of this I have chosen this title symbolically (without making any allusion to the famous novel), because I seemed perfect for highlighting two essential aspects in life: the action and the judgment. Although I don’t consider myself a wise person, life has shown me that action without judgment can lead to recklessness, while judgment without action cannot materialize. For this reason I consider that the balanced combination of these, which is much more creative, is preferable.

Declaring publicly our intentions (speaking on behalf of all members of the association) we are ready to begin our journey with the hope that we will share with the public lots of creative experiences.

Claudiu PAȘCA

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